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Sanitization Disinfection Cleaning Services

Do you looking to protect your living or residential place, you working place, your staff, customers and other building occupants from the spread of illness? Then here you are right place to make your booking.As we know now that Prevention is the best medicine. Safe, healthy environment, family, employees and customers mean a healthier bottom line to your life. 

We are offering Disinfecting Cleaning Spray Services in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman. Disinfection is prevention again germs and bacteria. It give a control in spreading and also offers a %age killing . I Unique Sanitization Disinfection Cleaning Spray Services.

This cleaning process that we provides give more coverage and is ideal for large area facilities such as , residential, colleges, schools, universities, airports, labor camps, manufacturing, factories and healthcare centre and hospital buildings etc.

As we know that our family members can practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces at residential and working places for example: door handle, tables, doorknobs, light switches buttons, handles, desks, toilets, sinks etc) here is regular need of disinfectants/ deodorizing Cleaning spray services. We are one of leading cleaning services offering Deodorizing or disinfection cleaning spray services in all over UAE.

Plutonic Cleaning Services is one of the leading health protection providers of residential and commercial Sanitizing and Disinfection cleaning spray services (offering our services in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman). Our cleaning services for your house/home/offices are designed to make your home clinically clean.

It is mandatory to be completely devoid of germs , bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases and infections for health. This is what we offer here at Plutonic Cleaning Services.If you are worry that your house may breeding ground for dangerous infections. Our Sanitizing cleaning spray and Disinfection Cleaning Spray service in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman is the solution.

We are offering

  • Airplane, hangar and aircraft and disinfecting services
  • Healthcare center cleaning services
  • Seniors care centre cleaning services
  • recreation centre and gym cleaning services
  • medical clinic and medical offices cleaning services
  • dental clinic office cleaning services
  • assisted living facility cleaning services
  • hotel and restaurant cleaning services
  • work labour camp cleaning services
  • bus , van airport and public transportation cleaning services
Sanitization Disinfection spray services

Note : We are approved from Dubai municipality. We provide Pest Control , Sanitization and Disinfection Services

One of Leading Disinfection and Sanitization Spray Services Company in Dubai Sharjah Ajman

Stay in Home – Stay Blessed

Stay in Home – Stay Blessed

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